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Kite Surfing
in La Manga

Ready to embrace the wind and conquer the waves? Join us for an incredible kite surfing adventure that lets you glide over the surface of the Mediterranean. Whether you're new or experienced, our streamlined approach ensures you revisit essentials and explore new realms quickly.
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Discover the Magic of Kite Surfing

Why Choose Kite Surfing in La Manga?

Welcome to the exhilarating world of kite surfing in La Manga, where the wind, waves, and your enthusiasm unite for an unforgettable aquatic experience. Nestled at the heart of Murcia's stunning coast, La Manga and the Mediterranean provide the ideal backdrop for aspiring kite surfers to learn and master this thrilling water sport.

Location and Meeting Point: The Beginning of La Manga Strip

Your kite surfing journey starts at the meeting point located at the entrance of La Manga Strip. This iconic setting sets the stage for an adventure that blends the dynamic energy of water sports with the tranquility of this coastal paradise.

Discover Kite Surfing in Murcia: The Perfect Learning Ground

La Manga and the Mediterranean offer the perfect conditions for learning and honing your kite surfing skills. The shallow coastline provides an ideal training ground to grasp essential kite control techniques and progress to mastering board control with your kite.

A Structured Learning Journey

Our comprehensive kite surfing program is carefully designed to transform you into a confident and skilled kite surfer. Over three invigorating sessions, you'll cover the essential aspects of kite surfing:

First Session: Laying the Foundations

  • Introduction to Kite Surfing: Get acquainted with the world of kite surfing, including equipment and basic theory.

  • Setting Up Equipment: Learn the ropes of assembling and preparing your kite surfing gear.

  • Security Systems: Master safety protocols and systems crucial for a secure experience.

  • Kite Launching and Flying: Launch and maneuver your kite under expert guidance.

  • Recovering and Water Launch: Learn techniques to retrieve a kite from the water and relaunch it.

Second Session: Control and Maneuvers

  • Kite Control Practice: Hone your kite control skills and learn precise maneuvers.

  • Body Drag Techniques: Experience the excitement of body dragging through the water.

  • Emergency Release and Kite Dumping: Familiarise yourself with vital techniques for unexpected situations.

Third Session: Navigating the Waters

  • Theory of Water Start: Understand the mechanics of water starts with kite and board.

  • Board Rescue and Recovery: Learn strategies to retrieve your board effectively.

  • Water Start Practice: Put theory into practice by attempting water starts with the board.

Achieve Your Kite Surfing Certification

Upon successful completion of our kite surfing program, you'll receive a certification card that attests to your accomplishments and expertise.


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