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Shore Dives

Discover the hidden underwater treasures of Cabo de Palos and Cartagena in Murcia with our comprehensive guide to shore dives. Explore the breathtaking coastline and immerse yourself in the rich marine life and captivating underwater landscapes that these areas offer.
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Unveiling the Shore Dives & Underwater Marvels

Immerse yourself in the exceptional underwater wonders of Cabo de Palos and Cartagena, Murcia, where a treasure trove of marine life awaits. From vibrant shoals of smaller fish to captivating rock formations and enchanting swim-throughs, this region offers an abundance of natural beauty to explore. The pristine bays, adorned with lush posidonia meadows, act as a haven for an array of fish and marine creatures, offering both sustenance and sanctuary from potential predators.

Venture into the depths with shore dives that cater to divers of varying expertise, ranging from an average depth of 10 metres to more advanced options reaching a depth of 22 metres. With visibility typically spanning 10 to 20 metres, and water temperatures averaging a pleasant 20°C, rising to a balmy 28°C in the peak summer months, your underwater adventure promises comfort and awe.

Located on the fringes of the Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve, these dive sites grant you the chance to encounter larger marine marvels, including barracuda, rays, and the remarkable sun/moon fish, enhancing the allure of your exploration.

Around the iconic Cabo de Palos lighthouse, we offer five distinct dive sites. These sites, oriented towards the north, east, and southeast, assure an almost certain opportunity to delve into the depths regardless of the weather conditions. Against a backdrop of vivid azure skies, your experience is elevated to unparalleled heights.

Embarking south along the coastline, an idyllic secluded bay awaits – a coveted breeding ground for schools of smaller fish, accompanied by an impressive presence of octopus and cuttlefish, creating a vibrant tapestry of marine life.

Continuing our journey, a unique dive site emerges, offering an intriguing setting that, though shallow, promises the enchantment of glimpsing blue spotted rays and flying gurnards.

Our expedition culminates in the ancient Roman town of Cartagena. Nestled on its outskirts lies a hidden bay, home to two distinct dive sites within close proximity. Here, octopus thrive, while the sandy bottom hosts the grandeur of the imposing sand piper. After the dive, revel in relaxation at a renowned restaurant overlooking a serene sandy beach. Bask in post-dive bliss over refreshing beverages and delectable cuisine while sharing tales of your underwater escapades. Keep your eyes peeled, for the naval port of Cartagena occasionally unveils the spectacle of a surfacing submarine, adding an unexpected touch of maritime marvel.


Cabo de Palos
Cala Fria (El Faro)

Explore the enchanting El Faro Bay in Cabo de Palos, a beloved dive site facing NNE. Enter from a picturesque shingle bay overlooked by the El Faro Lighthouse. Descend gradually to a sandy seabed with a glimpse of a small wreck on the bay's right side. Octopus sightings are common, and night dives reveal abundant sand eels.

Venture further into the bay, descending to a maximum depth of 12 metres. Navigate through a beautiful swim-through, passing posidonia fields and searching for elusive pipefish. Among rock pinnacles, encounter an array of fish life, with rays often seen in the distance.

Bottom Composition: Shingle leading to sea grass and large rock formations with swim throughs.

Average Depth: 10 metres

Max Depth: 16 metres

Visibility: 10-20 metres


Step into the captivating world of Escaleras in Cabo de Palos, a cherished dive site that captures the heart. Descend to the depths, beginning with purpose-built steps leading to a secluded bay. Encounter vibrant posidonia, pipefish, and octopus as you explore beautiful rock formations.

Snorkelers can delight in the area's beauty too. A gentle descent over a sandy patch reveals deeper wonders. Navigate through swim-throughs or leisurely routes, spotting barracuda and pelagic fish. Keep an eye out for the intriguing mola mola, also known as the sunfish or moonfish.

Bottom Composition: Shingle leading to sea grass and large rock formations with swim throughs.

Average Depth: 12 metres

Max Depth: 22 metres

Visibility: 10-20 metres

Diving in Cala Escalares
Cala Correos
Cala Correos and Cathedral Bays

Explore the underwater wonders of Cala Correos and Cathedral Bays, facing SSE in Cabo de Palos. Towering pinnacles, hidden swim-throughs, and ancient rock formations create an awe-inspiring environment. Diverse marine life adds excitement to every dive. Discover expansive posidonia Neptune sea grass fields to the west.

Bottom Composition: Shingle/Rocky to Sand

Visibility: 10-20 metres

Average Depth: 12 metres

Max Depth: 22 metres

El Pato

Dive into El Pato, a newly found gem facing north in Cabo de Palos. Ideal for beginners and those returning to diving, this site offers an easy exploration filled with captivating marine life, including the charming goldline (salema) and ever-present octopus.

Embrace the joy of diving at El Pato, where beauty and simplicity merge for an unforgettable underwater experience.

Bottom Composition: Sand

Visibility: 10-15 metres

Average Depth: 5 metres

Max Depth: 5 metres

Diving El Pato
Diving in Cala Reona
Cala Reona

Dive into Cala Reona, a beloved spot cherished by the Adventure Divers team. Its south-facing orientation offers a gentle entry, making it perfect for beginners. The dive starts with a leisurely descent from the beach, eventually leading to a maximum depth of 14 metres.

As you explore deeper, a stunning sandy area greets you. Here, a vibrant marine realm thrives, boasting everything from bustling shoals of barracuda to tiny octopuses. Witness the incredible color changes of these marine creatures, including an octopus the size of a golf ball with astonishing hues.

Bottom Composition: Sand transitioning to Sea Grass and Smaller Rock Formations

Visibility: 8-20 metres

Average Depth: 8 metres

Max Depth: 14 metres

Portman Bay

Portman Bay welcomes divers of all levels, with its south-facing orientation and tranquil conditions. Sheltered from winds and currents, this site is perfect for beginners regardless of weather. The sandy bottom gently slopes to around 10 metres, providing a comfortable environment to explore.

The sheltered bay entices a multitude of fish varieties. Rays, including the blue spotted electric ray and butterfly ray, rest hidden beneath the sand. Flying gurnards glide through the waters, while the rocky edges reveal wrasse, scorpion fish, and lively shoals of damsel fish. An afternoon dive here holds a hint of mystery, accentuated by the unique light that bathes the bay.

Portman Bay is under conservation efforts, promising benefits for the entire marine ecosystem along this coast.

Bottom Composition: Black Sand transitioning to Golden Sand, with Rocky Edging.

Visibility: 10-20 metres

Average Depth: 5 metres

Max Depth: 5 metres

Portman Scuba Diving
Cartagena - Cala Cortina Diving
Cala Cortina in Cartagena

Just 20 minutes away from the Roman town of Cartagena, Roman Bay offers an appealing option for both beginners and experienced divers. Access this sheltered site through a gentle pebble beach. A brief surface swim over intriguing rocks leads you to the outer reef wall. Descend to the sandy bottom at a depth of 3 metres. Choose left or right, both paths guiding you along the sandy floor flanked by impressive boulder rocks on either side.

Encounter the stunning neon blue wings of flying gurnard fish resting on the bottom. Octopus, cuttlefish, and an array of reef fish enrich the underwater tapestry. The site's depth reaches 12 metres at its maximum. The beach at Roman Bay is ideal for non-divers, offering snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing opportunities. Children can safely enjoy the shallows and treats like refreshing ice cream. Adjacent to the beach, a charming Spanish restaurant awaits, perfect for post-dive gatherings to share stories and enjoy well-deserved refreshments.

Bottom Composition: Shingle transitioning to Rocks and Sandy Bottom with Swim-Throughs

Visibility: 10-20 metres

Average Depth: 8 metres

Max Depth: 12 metres

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