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Scuba Diving
in Cartagena

Embarking on a scuba diving adventure in Cartagena is a splendid choice! Situated a mere 20-minute drive southwest from our diving center. The dive sites here are generally more sheltered compared to those within the Islas Hormigas Marine Park. This translates into fewer waves and less current, creating a more relaxed and comfortable diving experience that some divers may prefer.
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Cartagena Marine Reserve & Wreck Dives

If you are relatively new to diving, we highly recommend starting your underwater exploration in Cartagena before advancing to the more challenging dives.

Scuba Diving Cartagena Spain
We launch our aquatic excursions from the well-appointed Club Nautico of Cartagena.

Las Palomas Island & Reef Marine Reserve

The diving site near Palomas Island features an expansive reef system that gradually extends outward. This dive begins at a large plateau that forms the shallowest part of the site. As you venture southwest, the terrain progressively deepens and narrows, eventually transforming into steep walls riddled with cracks and crevices. These nooks offer an ideal home for numerous Moray eels, while the open waters brim with a vast array of marine life.

As you reach the extremity of the diving site, you'll encounter another deeper plateau, approximately 20m deep, carpeted with Purse Codium, intriguing organisms that resemble large green donuts. Approaching the edge of this plateau, you're met with a sheer drop leading to a sandy seabed at 40m, where you may spot a massive shoal of Brown Meagre fish, perhaps even an Eagle Ray or two.

Turning northeast along the reef edge, scrutinize the reef closely to discover various species of nudibranchs. Slowly ascend onto the shallower plateau to make your safety stop before surfacing.

You can anticipate seeing marine life such as Barracuda, bait balls, Moray Eels, and Nudibranchs. With a bit of luck, you might also encounter a Turtle.

Visibility at this site varies from 10m to 30m.

The minimum and maximum depths are 6m and 40m respectively, making it suitable for Open Water certified divers.

In terms of conditions, this site is predominantly calm with minimal waves. There can occasionally be a slight current. The tranquil conditions combined with the diverse marine life make it an excellent choice for scuba diving in Cartagena.

Cartagena Dive Sites

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