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Scuba Diving
in La Manga

This Big island east of Thomas Mastre port offers some protected and shallow boat dives. The south of the island there is an entrance to a cave that extends around 80 meters inside the island and is a maximum depth of seven metres and is good for most qualified divers. You can dive the east side that has a maximum depth of 21 metres.
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Isla Grosa Marine Park Dive Sites

The variety and uniqueness of these dive sites make the Isla Grosa Marine Park a must-visit location for divers of all skill levels.

Isla Grosa Scuba Diving

Located to the east of El Estacio, a notable Phoenician settlement, is La Grosa. This place served as a sanctuary for Barbary pirates until the 18th century.

Experience the unparalleled experience of scuba diving in La Manga as you immerse yourself in the underwater wonders of Isla Grosa Marine Park, where distinct dive sites promise an unforgettable adventure for enthusiasts and beginners alike.

One of the primary highlights of the Isla Grosa Marine Park is its incredibly rich and diverse marine life. Divers get the unique chance to swim alongside a variety of fish species such as groupers, barracudas, and amberjacks. The crevices of the rocky underbelly of the park are home to lurking moray eels and octopuses, making for an exciting exploration. Add to that the thrill of occasional sightings of playful dolphins and graceful sea turtles that further enhances the allure of this underwater paradise.

The marine park’s underwater terrain is equally captivating. The submerged landscapes are a fascinating blend of vibrant reefs, intriguing caves, and dramatic rock formations, each offering a different challenge and appeal. The dive sites range from shallow reefs perfect for novices, to deep, mesmerising caves for the more seasoned divers. The diverse range of underwater topography ensures that divers of all skill levels find something to match their abilities and preferences.

But the allure of Isla Grosa Marine Park doesn’t end at the natural spectacle. The marine park also harbors several shipwrecks, lying in their watery graves and offering an irresistible allure to divers. From freighters like the Nord America and the Minerva to the ill-fated liner Sirio, these wrecks hold stories of a bygone era. Divers can navigate through these sunken remnants, each one providing an eerily beautiful backdrop for underwater photography and exploration.

Another fascinating aspect of the Isla Grosa Marine Park is its archaeological significance. The marine park, and the surrounding areas, are known to house remnants from Roman times, including amphorae and other ancient artifacts. Some of the dive sites provide the unique opportunity to dive into history and witness these ancient relics up close. Diving here isn't merely about recreational activity, but a voyage through time that showcases the rich historical past of the region.

However, the marine park doesn’t compromise on the conservation of its underwater resources. Strict regulations are in place to ensure that the marine environment and the archaeological remnants are preserved. Divers are encouraged to adhere to the principles of responsible diving, making sure their visit leaves no trace behind.

Isla Grosa Marine Park, with its unique blend of natural beauty, marine biodiversity, and historical significance, stands as a beacon for divers across the world. Whether you're seeking an adrenaline rush, an exploration into history, or just a peaceful swim amongst the vibrant marine life, Isla Grosa Marine Park delivers an unparalleled diving experience. It truly is an underwater gem that leaves a lasting impression on every diver's heart.

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