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PADI Advanced
Open Water
Diver Course

Get ready to elevate your diving game with the exhilarating Advanced Open Water Diver course! Not only will you refine your navigational prowess and buoyancy control, but you'll also dare to delve into the mystery of deep diving.
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Gain more diving experience

Practice Underwater navigation

Sample different types of diving

Explore below 18m/60ft

Improve your buoyancy

Use a compass

Become an Advanced Open Water Diver

Take your pick from a wide array of thrilling options such as: the profound depths of Deep Diving, the stunning visuals of Digital Underwater Photography, the eco-friendly Dive Against Debris, the comfort-enhanced Dry Suit Diving, the oxygen-boosted Enriched Air Nitrox, the aquatic-life focused Fish Identification, the nocturnal charm of Night Diving, the equilibrium mastering Peak Performance Buoyancy, the mystery-solving Search & Recovery, the biodiversity embracing Underwater Naturalist, the pathfinding Underwater Navigation, and the historical exploration with Wreck Diver.

Advanced Open Water Diver
PADI Open Water Diver Course

How to Become an Advanced Open Water Diver

Get ready to plunge into a world of adventure! Your journey will commence with mastering underwater navigation and the thrilling exploration of deep diving. Following this, you will tailor your learning experience by choosing three specialty diving areas that fascinate you the most.

With your expert instructor by your side, you'll put those newly acquired skills into action with five exhilarating open water dives. The beauty of this course? No exams! That's right, this is all about relishing in the joy of diving, expanding your horizons, and accruing invaluable hands-on experience. Dive in and let the sea set you free!
2-3 DAYS


Embark on an engaging digital journey with the Advanced Open Water Diver eLearning program! This interactive platform brings to your fingertips lessons on 13 sought-after specialty dives: the exhilarating altitude dive, the vast sea explorer - boat diving, the artistic realm of digital underwater imaging, the current-riding drift diving, the comfort-enhancing dry suit diving, the underwater Sherlock - fish ID, the nocturnal adventure of night diving, the equilibrium mastering buoyancy, the detective work of search and recovery, the biodiversity embracing underwater naturalist, and the history exploring wreck diving.

Your tailored learning path includes an in-depth study of deep diving and navigation diving, alongside three specialty dives of your choosing. So prepare to immerse yourself in an ocean of knowledge, right from the comfort of your home!



Dive headfirst into an adventurous course designed to elevate your diving skills! The journey includes five captivating dives - a plunge deeper than 18m/60f into the aquatic realm, a navigation dive to master underwater paths, and three specialty dives that intrigue you.

As you immerse yourself in these experiences, you'll find your confidence surging and a newfound understanding of your diving capabilities unfurling. All you need is an Open Water Diver/Junior Open Water Diver certification (or a qualifying equivalent) to begin. Just 2-3 days of commitment will have you well on your way to an unforgettable experience.

Divers aged 12 years or older can participate in this thrilling quest.

As for depth, your age will guide your exploration boundaries, but rest assured, the adventure can lead you to depths reaching up to an incredible 30 meters/100 feet! Explore the vast, uncharted territories of the underwater world with us!

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